April 20, 2020

CLIMSOFT and DATA Management Using SQL Scripts

The advanced CLIMSOFT course in mainly intended for Climate data managers who have experience in CLIMSOFT in the management of climate data in National Meteorological and Hydrological Centers (NMHs) and also Researchers and users of climate data in areas such as climate change monitoring. The course will be purely hands-on with participants interacting with CLIMSOFT and climate data. It will involve data processing operations through CLIMSOFT system. Assessment shall be by continuous short data processing exercises and SQL queries designs. Participants are encouraged to bring laptops and some observation data plus the associated metadata.

Location: Nairobi, Kenya (Africa)
Host: Institute for Meteorological Training and Research (IMTR/WMO-RTC)
Type: Classroom Course
Contact: imtr.wmo.rtc.nairobi@gmail.com
Language: en