November 25, 2024

Climate system monitoring – Terrestrial

SALGEE ( Satellite Applications in Land surface analyses Group for Eastern Europe) and the LSA SAF are jointly organising the 2024 LSA SAF User Workshop on “Monitoring Drought Impacts on Vegetation & Feedback ”

The workshop will focus on the application of EUMETSAT land-surface data in the field of vegetation and drought monitoring. It aims at identifying co-development and collaboration projects which bridge the gap between research and operations.

During the workshop users of EUMETSAT land-surface data working in either, research or operational services, will be able to present their studies and/or operational applications. EUMETSAT and the relevant SAFs are invited to present their existing and future products and services.

The Workshop will provide a platform to discuss current and future user needs to consider in the evolution of EUMETSAT products and services.

At the end of the workshop, we hope to be able to identify a few co-development projects to support interested users in jointly developing operational applications using EUMETSAT data. The European Weather Cloud (EWC) could be used as collaborating space.

Please note that the event will start on Monday, 09:00 am and end on Tuesday around lunchtime.

Location: Darmstadt, Germany (Europe)
Type: Workshop
Language: en