March 22, 2019

Cambio Climático, riesgos y oportunidades para el sector vitivinícola

To raise awareness on climate change effects over the wine sector and to provide tools to cope with them and design/implement adaptation measures. It is a 26 hours course which will take place on 7 consecutive Fridays, 10-14 hours. Registration fee: 515€

Academic Direction: Enric Aguilar (C3/URV) and Javier Sigró (C3/URV)
Intervenants (selection): Dr. Manola Brunet (C3/URV, CCl, President), Dr. Sonia Quiroga (Universidad de Alcalá de Henares), Ernesto Rodríguez Camino (AEMET)

Location: Vilafranca del Pebedés, Spain (Europe)
Host: Wine Business School
Type: Classroom Course
Language: es