October 6, 2014

CALMet Online 2014

In 2014, we are again expanding the reach of CALMet beyond a biennial conference by offering “CALMet Online 2014”. Beginning October, 2014, this free online event will offer opportunities to learn and communicate with experts in education and training for meteorology.

This year’s topic “Diverse in Culture, United in Learning” aims to highlight the fact that despite our various backgrounds, cultural differences and diverse organizational environments, we all share the same need to learn more about training and education in our disciplines, and become better professionals.

To participate in this free event, you will need to complete a brief registration procedure.

Once enrolled in the CALMet Online 2014, you will be able to make contributions to the sessions. The CALMet Online 2014 site will host all the presentations, discussion and resources for each session. If you decide to participate, we hope you will be an active participant, but observers are also welcome.

Location: Online Course
Host: CALMet Working Group
Type: Online Course
Contact: vesa.nietosvaara@eumetsat.int