June 18, 2019

CALMet Moodle Course for Educators and Trainers

Interested in how you can create an effective learning environment for your students in Moodle?

With thanks to EUMETSAT, WMO, EUMeTrain, EUMETCAL, VLab, IMGW-PIB & Meteo France we are extremely happy to announce that the FULL CALMet Moodle Course is now published at https://etrp.wmo.int/course/view.php?id=88. This CALMet Moodle Course is a self-directed course for Trainers and Educators in Earth Sciences and is delivered in a Moodle website following a self-paced mode. This format allows you to decide how much time to dedicate to the course and when to study. Once enrolled, you can engage at the level you like and make the course fit your schedules. You may follow the units in a sequence or pick and choose what to learn.

I think this course is a great example on how you can train people independent of time and place and will teach you how to build a great online learning environment for your own course participants at the same time.

Location: Online Course
Host: WMO ETRP Moodle environment
Type: Online Course
Contact: tra@wmo.int
Language: en