May 18, 2021

Baltic+ workshop on the application of the satellite products for diagnosis of southerly flow environment

The Baltic+ course is a joint initiative of the National Meteorological Services of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland, who join the forces in order to increase the knowledge in skills in the use of satellite observation data and to create a platform for exchanging ideas, applications and knowledge.

This is a two-part course, composed of a 3 weeks online, mostly asynchronous course and a two days follow-up workshop. The first part will take place from 12 April to 30 April 2021. The follow-up workshop will take place 18-20 May and be a venue for the participants to present their collaborative case studies. The online (asynchronous) component will include reading materials, exercises and collaborative case study preparatory work. This will take three weeks, including approximately 4 hours of individual work per week. The two-day follow-up workshop will summarize the lessons learnt in the form of exercises and final presentations of collaborative case studies started during the online phase.

Location: (Europe)
Host: IMGW
Type: Other
Language: en