October 20, 2020

Australian VLab Centre of Excellence Regional Focus Group meeting

The Australian Regional Focus Group meeting takes place once a month and is coordinated by Mr. Bodo Zeschke (BMTC), from the VLab Centre of Excellence in Australia. All interested parties are welcome to attend.
To register please follow the instructions below:
The session homepage is at https://learn.bom.gov.au/mod/bigbluebuttonbn/view.php?id=13874
You can join the session either as a guest or as a registered user. We would prefer you to join as a registered user. There is no cost associated with this.
For guest users the session password is VLab@2020

Location: Online Weather Discussion
Host: Australian VLab Centre of Excellence
Type: Online Weather Discussion
Contact: bodo.zeschke@bom.gov.au
Language: en