September 1, 2016

Applications of Remote Sensing to Soil Moisture and Evapotranspiration

Previous ARSET trainings focused on water resources have mainly addressed remote sensing measurements of precipitation and their applications. But precipitation is only one component of the water cycle. NASA’s Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Satellite Mission is now providing new soil moisture data, and modeling frameworks are providing new evapotranspiration data. This webinar series was intended to help attendees learn about NASA soil moisture and evapotranspiration products and how to access and apply them for water resource management. Throughout the five sessions, attendees will learn how to monitor and manage water resources with techniques learned in training. The series begins with an introduction to satellite missions and useful data sets. Next, trainers demonstrate online portals for accessing data. The series concludes with specific examples of how you can apply the data and modeled data products.

Host: NASA Applied Sciences