October 6, 2020

An Introduction to Remote Sensing for Tribal Lands

NASA’s Indigenous Peoples Pilot and the United Tribes Technical College (UTTC) are partnering to offer the virtual course “Introduction to Remote Sensing on Indigenous Lands”.

This course will consist of four modules: (1) an introduction to remote sensing and NASA data, (2) land cover classification, (3) change detection and time series analysis, and (4) web tools for remote sensing. Each module will be presented with lectures and hands-on lab exercises where participants will analyze data using Geographic Information System (GIS) software. The lab sections of this course will be taught on ArcGIS Pro, with options for ArcGIS Desktop and QGIS (freely-available).

Each theme will also focus on the lands of a tribal partner such as the Navajo Nation, the Sault St. Marie band of Chippewa Indians, the Samish Indian Nation, the Tulalip Tribes, and others. For each theme, the trainers will be joined by tribal members from the region to discuss the importance of remote sensing to natural and cultural resource management.

Host: NASA Applied Sciences