Advance Training Course in Meteorological Instrumentation Communication and information system

This course consists of two phases, Viz., Self Learning phase and Class room contact Phase. Self learning (phase-I): This phase shall start from 04/04/2022, during which participants need not to be physically present at the training centre class room, rather participants have to make self study from their own working places only. Soft copy of study material for this phase shall be sent to the nominated/selected candidates by email/already available in the IMD website. Distant learning (phase-II): This phase shall start from 17/05/2022. During this phase all participants are supposed to be physically present Via video conferencing platform through links provided by ICITC (RTC NEW DELHI) time to time in the virtual class room of training centre. During first week of this phase, doubts of the participants on self learning portion shall be cleared, followed by written test in the second week on the self learning portion through online mode. Afterwards interactive training shall start. Training consists online teaching, On the Job Training, project work, Written theory and practical exam followed by Viva-voce. Subjects taught are broadly Meteorological Instruments & Information Systems.