April 1, 2024

Advance Training Course in Meteorological Instrumentation and Information Communication System

This Training shall be conducted in two phases: (1) Self learning (2) Class room contact Phase .(1) Self learning (phase-I): This phase shall start from 01/04/2024, during which participants need not to be physically present at the training Centre class room, rather participants have to make self-study from their own working places only. Soft copy of study material for this phase shall be made available to the selected candidates by email / through training website. (2) Orientation program shall start from 13/05/2024 to 24/05/2024 during this period, all participants have to be physically present in the class room ICITC (RTC NEW DELHI). During orientation program of this phase , doubts of the participants on self-learning portion shall be cleared, followed by mid-term Examination on 27-05-2024. Formal training on class room contact (phase-II) shall start on 28/05/2024 and shall be winded up on 30/09/2024. During which there will be class room teaching, On the Job Training, project work, trip to international airport site, written exam theory papers, project presentation followed by Viva-voce at the finishing stage. The subject shall be taught are Surface Instruments, upper air Instruments, Aviation Instruments, environmental monitoring instruments, Network security software , devices & application , Geographical information system ( GIS), Server Management, Web designing, Radar, Satellite Meteorological Instruments, Meteorological Instruments & Information Systems. For more information about the course please contact Ms. Suman Gujar, Sc. D at suman.gurjar@imd.gov.in

Location: NEW DELHI, India (Africa, Americas, Asia & Oceania, Europe)
Type: Blended Course
Contact: suman.gurjar@imd.gov.in
Language: en, ot