January 29, 2024

7th International Conference on Climate Change (hybrid)

The Conference intents to contribute: • To promote and develop exchanging experience and science relate to Climate Change at national and international levels
• To devise strategies for decreasing the damages caused by Climate Change
• To get informed of the latest scientific findings on Climate Change
• To recognize the modern technologies application in Climate Change researches
• To get informed of the mutual effects of climate and humans on agriculture, water, energy,…
• To notify the decision makers about Climate Change and its impacts
• To introduce the policies of adaptation to and mitigation of negative effects of Climate Change at national and international levels
• To generally inform of Climate Change
• To focus on the Climate Change education
• To focus on the positive role of the media on publically informing of Climate Change
For more information about the Conference and how to submit papers, please visit the Conference website at https://iccc7.ir/en

Location: Tehran(Africa, Americas, Asia & Oceania, Europe)
Host: I.R. of Iran Meteorological Organisation (IRIMO)
Type: Other
Contact: layeghi2001@yahoo.com
Language: en, ot