May 23, 2016

48th International Liège Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics

This colloquium aims to advance our collective understanding of submesoscale processes, their mechanistic functioning, relevance, and implications across a range of oceanic disciplines. Discussions will include observational, modeling and theoretical approaches for elucidating submesoscale phenomena. From this colloquium, its oral/poster presentations and scientific interactions, will emerge new cross-cutting themes for future research.
Topics that will be addressed include:
Dynamics of frontal and mixed-layer instabilities (forced and unforced) and their implications;
Impact of winds and surface forcing on the mixed layer and submesoscale instabilities;
Surface boundary layer turbulence and submesoscale instabilities, large-eddy simulation and observations of surface waves, Langmuir circulations. Their implications for air-sea coupling;
Surface signatures of submesoscale dynamics from remotely sensed surface topography, roughness, and ocean color;
Mesoscale-submesoscale interactions, energy cascades, impact of submesoscales on larger/smaller scales;
Physical-biological interactions implications for biogeochemistry, productivity, export, ecosystem structure and diversity;
Freshwater in the oceans implications of submesoscale processes for sea ice, river plumes and freshwater dispersal;
Coastal submesoscale dynamics interaction with topography and the bottom boundary;
Wave-front/eddy interactions Interaction of internal waves and submesoscale fronts/ eddies;
Modelling issues related to multi-scale and multi-physics nature of the processes and in particular model nesting, unstructured grids and developments of new discretization schemes.

Location: (Europe)
Host: University of Liège/EUMETSAT
Type: Conference
Language: en