December 8, 2013

3rd Training Course on WMO SDS-WAS products – Dust Course

The Public Authority for Civil Aviation, who co-sponsored the WMO-AEMET-DGMAN-EUM event announced the creation of a operational monitoring and research centre of aerosol for the Middle East by 2015. This will be done in cooperation with AEMET, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre and TSMS in Turkey.

SQU in turn announced a forum for the Middle-East similar to the EUMETSAT Forum for Africa, to take place every second year.

According to the evaluation report by the participants, there is a high interest in dust monitoring and modelling in the region, as evidenced by the high un-subsidized turnout at the course.

Location: (Asia & Oceania)
Host: Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) & DGMAN
Type: Classroom Course
Language: en